FireBar Overview

What is FireBar?

The FireBar is a versatile application designed for contact centre users, facilitating call handling, email management, and web chat interactions within the Fire Contact Centre platform. It empowers users with a comprehensive suite of contact management features, alongside real-time data insights showcasing contact centre performance metrics such as call volumes, estimated wait times, and more.

Downloading and Installing

FireBar is an electron app, typically installable without the need for administrator-level privileges, enabling swift deployment in dynamic contact centre environments. The latest version is provided by the Service Delivery team during Fire Contact Centre implementation or by the Support team for existing customers.


Fire supports two authentication methods: local credentials and Microsoft Single Sign-On through Microsoft Entra integration.

If using local credentials, your Contact Centre administrator will provide these to you.

For Microsoft Single Sign-On, an Enterprise Application is integrated into your tenant, seamlessly connecting to the Fire Contact Centre platform for a user-friendly experience.


Comprehensive training is delivered by the Service Delivery team during implementation, conducted in a face-to-face, classroom-based setting. Additionally, the Ctalk team offers train-the-trainer sessions, empowering internal staff to conduct new starter orientation and refresher training independently, without external assistance.

FireBar Login Prompt

To access the FireBar, please follow these steps:

Local Credentials: Enter the credentials provided by your Contact Centre Administrator.

Microsoft Single Sign-On: Click the Microsoft Sign-In icon located at the lower right-hand corner for seamless authentication.