Our Solutions

  • Automated Email Delivery
    Email delivery is another key feature of our solution thus completing the all in one communication management system, removing the need for a separate email solution. Distributing emails intelligently rather than having users pick from a shared mailbox dramatically increases…
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  • Call Recording
    Call recording is standard to our solution, from the point the agent receives the call, or for the entire duration. Ctalk’s fully integrated recording is FSA and PCI-DSS compliant. Recording calls can be an extremely effective business tool for staff…
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  • Database Integration
    DB integration is at the core of any system integration. Gathering data is key to routing correctly and assisting agents. Taking more contacts with fewer agents is achieved by providing accurate data to speed up resolution time. Our solution is…
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  • Interactive Voice Response
    Whether standalone IVR or front-ending a contact centre, an IVR application can provide a powerful portal for clients to service their request over the phone. Developed uniquely for you, each application will enhance the ability of your customers to interact.
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  • Outbound Diallers
    Contacting a large number of people requires careful planning and management. The Ctalk system has native outbound dialling capability. Seamlessly blending inbound with outbound, or specialist outbound agents benefit from intelligent contact selection, scheduling and reporting.
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  • Remote Worker Tools
    Working from anywhere has always been part of the DNA of the Ctalk system for 12 years. Having never used proprietary phones, agents using Ctalk can work wherever they have internet access.
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  • Speech Recognition
    We have a very advanced and robust voice recognition and text to speech engine which is utilised by many of our existing clients who are located all over the UK covering many different regional areas including both city and rural…
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  • Survey Application
    Ctalk’s Survey Application is a multi channel survey product which allows you to engage and receive feedback at just the right time. Survey is an excellent engagement tool, which provides a route to understanding agent performance from the customers perspective.…
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  • Teams Integration
    Whether home working or in your office, our native Teams integration allows users to operate wherever they have access to Teams. Ctalk have direct resilient integration to the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing.
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  • Web Chat
    This fast-growing contact channel is hugely popular with millennials. Tech-savvy agents can handle 10 or more contacts at the same time with huge productivity gains.
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