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Teams Integration
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Teams Integration

Teams Integration

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Ctalk Contact Centre integration with Microsoft Teams extends the Agent experience. Ctalk are directly connected to Microsoft to allow seamless integration and voice traffic to be carried on our full resilient networks. We take the features of Microsoft Teams and add the award-winning Ctalk Contact Centre to deliver an enhanced Agent experience.

Teams Integration

Voice Security

Ctalk has direct interconnects to Microsoft allowing for all voice traffic between Ctalk and Microsoft to be carried securely and reliably.

The voice traffic is carried on private infrastructure and not over the internet unlike most of our competitors.

All in One

As an all-in-one solution, Ctalk provide a single platform solution for contacts, information and collaboration utilising Microsoft Teams as a single endpoint to interact with customers. Agents have the ability to handle all interactions from all channels, real-time monitoring tools, reporting and more within the Teams client. Ice provides a true native experience bringing together collaboration and functionality.

No Call Charges

All calls that utilise Microsoft Teams integration stay on-net with no call charges. This allows back office users that might only be using teams to talk with contact centre agents completely free of charge.

Flexible Working

Ctalk’s flexibility allows you to select which device to make and receive voice calls at any time. One day it could be Microsoft Teams and the next a mobile or desk phone. This is key in the flexible work patterns and home working many companies are now embracing.

Voice Recognition

Utilising Ctalk’s Voice Recognition platform allows for calls to be pre-qualified, gather information needed to route calls and gain information to be passed to the agent to shorten average handling times.


Streamline contact handling and escalations by transferring calls throughout the business to other Teams users with full presence providing increased first contact resolution.


The Ctalk team have many years of supporting Microsoft products including Teams. We are able to provide you a seamless transition from traditional desk phones to Teams or takeover support of existing Teams environments.


One of the benefits of the Ctalk platform in conjunction with Teams allows you to bring together many disparate systems into one unified environment.

How it works

Seamlessly move between desk phones, softphones, Microsoft Teams or any other voice endpoint when signing in by simply selecting where to receive your calls. By choosing Microsoft Teams you are able to receive calls free of charge, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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