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Call Recording

Call Recording

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Call recording from ctalk is FCA and PCI-DSS compliant. Whether through regulation or business desire, recording of telephone calls can be an extremely effective business tool. Benefits include staff training, dispute resolution and quality assurance. However, only a fully integrated call recording system gives you the information about the call matched to the voice recording itself. Without this, searching for a specific recording from months ago can be near impossible.

Call Recording

We Capture Everything

We capture everything; Date, Time, DDI, CLI, Account number, IVR options chosen, Queue information and crucially all users who handled the call. This then allows for the most sophisticated retrieval of recordings available on the market today.

Scheduling Recordings

From a web based interface you can schedule recordings. They can be scheduled using all telephony parameters, ie DDI, CLI, and Queue. They can also be scheduled using dates and times. We can also schedule to capture a percentage of certain calls. Scheduling can be as random or specific as you desire.

Evaluation Scoring

Detailed web based evaluation forms provide supervisors with the ability to score the recordings on a wide range of criteria. Users can then be appraised on their history of evaluations. Custom forms can be added or removed as desired.

Presentation of Recordings

Recordings can be played via desktop speakers. Recordings can be listened to on the telephone handset. Recordings can be e-mailed to people both automatically and manually.


Recordings can be archived to DVD or any other media storage. They can also be automatically deleted after a time period, say 6 months.

Internal Recording

We can record all internal calls which is very useful for staff review processes.

Emergency Recordings

Emergency Recordings can be setup so a user can trigger the system to start recording a call. This helps if an abusive call occurs. The same trigger can also alert managers that this is happening.

Scheduling Recordings

Make best use of your resources and save money by scheduling only those recordings you need. Recording 90% of calls can cost only half as much as 100% -that extra peak capacity being hardly ever used.

Examples of use:

  • A busy contact centre capturing best-practice recordings from experienced agents for training of new staff
  • Users initiating emergency recording for abusive or controversial callers
  • A utility company can comply with regulations by recording all calls
  • A legal firm recording all telephone conversations for FSA compliance
  • A university capturing internal calls

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