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Survey Application
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Survey Application

Survey Application

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Ctalk’s Survey Application is a multi channel survey product which allows you to engage and receive feedback at just the right time. Survey is an excellent engagement tool, which provides a route to understanding agent performance from the customers perspective. Collecting feedback from your customers is vital in evaluation and is an essential business process for any contact centre.

Survey Application

Customisable Surveys

The Ctalk Contact Centre System allows access to unlimited surveys that can be created using NPS and CSAT with real time reports on the outcomes. Answers can be returned via key digit inputs or speech recognition. Surveys can be accessed in multiple ways. They can be offered at the end or beginning of a call or as an automatic proactive outbound task.

Reporting Capability

All surveys can report back producing real time reports on the outcome of the surveys. These reports can be scheduled to suit the individual needs of each queue, service or the contact centre as a whole.

Post Call Survey

The survey application can ensure that once a customer has completed a survey, a specified time will pass before that customer is asked to complete a survey again.

Reporting Functionality

Reports are available for surveys collectively, or they are as granular as each individual survey. The reporting tool also provides the functionality to create customised reports.

Dynamic Responses

Conditions are available to send emails to supervisors based upon responses given in the survey, allowing for quick reactions to difficult situations.

Full Integration

Ctalk’s Survey Application integrates into third party databases, Web services and telephony systems.

Historical Searches

Administrators can use a full history menu to be able to search for previous surveys by Agent, Queue, Date and many more fields.

Customisable Forms

All forms are customisable and can be manipulated to suit the needs of any company by utilising 5 different input types.

Examples of use:

  • A Contact Centre wanting to analyse the effectiveness of its agents.
  • A business wanting to understand its customer satisfaction.
  • A busy Contact Centre with multiple campaigns taking place at once.
  • A council can understand which departments are gaining better results.

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