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Database Integration
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Database Integration

Database Integration

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In a contact centre, gathering data is key to efficiency. Routing with knowledge of your customer, and providing appropriate, accurate data to the agent will speed up handling time. Gathering and utilising data will enhance the service you provide, and save time and money.

Database Integration


Efficiency starts with giving the best service to your customers. A better customer experience takes less time. Allowing you to take more contacts with fewer agents. All business and organisations have databases, integrating into these with your contact centre software is key to being more efficient, allowing the servers to the do the work rather than the people.

Pre Qualifying

Self-service applications empower customers to complete transactions autonomously. Pre-qualifying questions such as Identity and Verification, or ensuring customers having the required information for their transaction saves agent time.

Reading Databases

The graphical workflow tools have built into ODBC SQL connections. This allows you to gather data from any database in the world.

This information can then easily be sorted and processed within the same workflow tools.

Web Service access

You can use webservices directly from the workflow tool to gather data from a database.

This information can then easily be sorted and processed within the same workflow tools.

Writing to Databases

Data can be written to databases directly from the graphical workflow tools. This is especially important in automated applications. For example allowing an NHS patient to reschedule a GP appointment.

Information to Agents

Information gathered from databases can be sorted and processed in the graphical workflow tool. This information can then go with the contact to the agent to allow the agent to be best informed as the contact arrives.

Self Service

Database integration is key to good self service. It allows an end customer to make contact and the enquiry to be processed completely automatically 24 hours a day. For example a holiday maker wanting to pay a balance on an upcoming holiday.

AI and Databases

Mixing in Ctalk's AI engine with database information allows for very powerful application to be developed without needing the technical skills of a code developer.

How it works

Our solution is able to integrate with all forms of database and CRM. Through direct database interaction, web service interfaces or CRM APIs, our systems integrators can aggregate information from multiple sources.

  • Customer type, size, turnover
  • Financial accounts and balances
  • Stock levels of frequent orders
  • In-transit delivery tracking
  • Customer current location
  • Customer identity verification
  • Confirmation of regulatory compliance

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