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Automated Email Delivery
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Automated Email Delivery

Automated Email Delivery

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Customer emails will never again be left, forgotten or delayed.

Does your business have generic email addresses for Sales or Support?

Do you have staff monitoring mailboxes manually?

Can you track all your e-mails efficiently?

Automated Email Delivery

Answer every email

All emails sent to a generic company email address can be handled automatically with the ctalk Mail product. Responses can be automated or emails can be prioritised and analysed for the required agent type and skill level.

Monitoring & Reporting

The system provides detailed statistical information on the emails received, time in queue and agent handling time. This can be used to determine targets, as well as valuable information on the trends of when emails are received.

Don’t tie up staff

Trawling through email boxes and forwarding to colleagues is hugely wasteful of time and resources. Create rules through a business workflow to determine where emails should be routed. Apply intelligent routing to email contacts – analyse the email for account information, look up data in the CRM or database, then use this to route and screen pop.

Powerful handling

Either blended in a call centre environment or standalone, ctalk Mail provides powerful email handling.

Instant Email Response

When an email is received into the generic address, ctalk Mail immediately pulls this email. The system has a workflow that will determine the structure of any automated response. If the sender’s email address is recognised then a custom response is sent.

Custom responses are completely flexible, they could include: data from an original email; data on how busy the email agents are; account or ticket information.

Intelligent Email Filtering

Keywords and phrases can be searched for in the email. If the sender’s address is recognised, CRM or account data can be used to determine who is appropriate to handle the email. Skills can be applied to the email to route it to the right agent. Any data gathered can be screen-popped when the agent receives the email.

Standard Reply Templates

Any number of templates can be set up, either fixed, or containing dynamic information. FAQs can be automatically answered. If the sender replies asking for further information then the email can be queued.

Replies can also be constructed using rules within the workflow.

Supervisor Monitoring, Reports and Analysis

Supervisors can see in real time the performance of the agents whether they are blending calls or solely handling email contacts. Target answer times and grade of service can be monitored live and also reported on historically.

Detailed reporting shows the performance by agent, team or queue.

Skills Based Routing

Any number of skills can be defined and used to identify the best agent for the email contact. Once queued, ctalk Mail will analyse the agent’s proficiency in each required skill, along with the relative priority.
Agent idle time is also taken into account to prevent the higher skilled agents receiving a disproportionate number of contacts.

Blending with Calls and Instant Messaging

Emails blend with calls & instant messaging. Ctalk Mail is a module of the full multi-media contact centre platform. Ctalk contact centre system can handle inbound and outbound calls, emails, instant messages, SMS and fax contacts.

Whether you have a full contact centre, or a small helpdesk, ctalk contact centre system can help you handle all of your contacts more effectively.

How it works

  • An email will be received at
  • Ctalk Mail will retrieve that email and assign a unique tracking number
  • Ctalk Mail will analyse the email for information and look for additional data in the CRM or database.
  • Ctalk Mail will then reply to the sender with an automated response.
  • Once the purpose and requirements of the customer are determined, ctalk Mail will assign the appropriate skills and queue the email.
  • An agent with the required skills will be chosen automatically.
  • The agent will receive the email and reply to the sender.
  • The sender then receives an email from with the agent’s response.

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